Sugrįžti į pradinį puslapį

Company law

  • Establishment of companies (their affiliates and offices):
    preparation of documents necessary for registration of company’s name, registration of the name, selection of the best model for company’s management, preparation and registration of establishment documents.
  • Companies’ activity:
    transfer of the company as business, legal consolidation of liability issues of company’s head and other management institutions, drafting of companies’ internal order legal acts (official instructions, regulations), preparation and legal evaluation of civil and commercial agreements, consulting on issues related to conclusion and execution of agreements of company’s activity confidentiality, non-competitiveness and other similar agreements.
  • Termination of companies’ activities:
    liquidation, reorganization, any other reforms, initiating of the bankrupt process, starting legal proceedings of bankruptcy case, representation of interests of creditors, debtors, bankrupt administrator during bankruptcy administration process.
  • Activities of joint-stock companies:
    Buying shares, transfer of shares (purchase-sale, donation, swap), increase and decrease of stated capital, organization of general shareholders’ meeting, defense of shareholders’ rights.
  • Representation of shareholders for all other issues related to company’s activity:
    joint, purchase, incorporation of companies; preparation of contracts related to these issues and representation of interests in negotiations; consulting on business budgeting questions, representation of interests in negotiations for business budgeting.